Days after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had left his home in Makkah and migrated to Yathreb, the town which later became known as Al-Madina Al-Munawarah (Enlightened City), he was settling in when he saw a group of Jews fasting on a day known as Ashoura.  They were thanking God for Prophet Moses’ escape from the Pharaoh. The Prophet thereafter mandated that Muslims fast on that day out of respect to Prophet Moses (PBUH). It was the first year of the Hijrah, and it was the first obligatory fasting for Muslims. This practice lasted for one year before Ramadan became synonymous for fasting.  




Ramadan is almost at our doorsteps. Whether you have already started preparing yourself mentally and physically, or chosen to wait until the last minute to do so, we hope that we can help you get the most out of this month of fasting and virtue.


We have collected a “Checklist for Ramadan" to help you start this blessed month with the right steps:

1) Start the month of Ramadan with a duaa (prayer). To see / hear the Ramadan duaa CLICK HERE

2) Make sure to wake up for suhoor (pre-dawn meal). Try to keep it light; have some water and nutrient-rich food.

3) Eat healthily and balance your meals. Try to have vegetables, small amounts of protein, whole grains, and fruits.  Keep your meals small and spread-out over the evening.

Follow these articles to help you eat properly and stay healthy. Article1 Article2 Article3

Also, check out the international recipes we compiled for you.

4) Remember to read the Quran often, and try to understand it with more depth. Please visit our Quran centre.

5) Watch the new, highly enlightening videocast by Dr. Aslam Abdullah on the chronology of the Quranic revelation. Visit IslamiCity to watch the inspirational videos.

6) How can you bring Ramadan spirit closer to your kids? Watch our kids-oriented videos about the life of Prophet Muhammad.

7) Make sure to purify your money by paying your Zakat and other Sadaqah.


Happy month of Ramadan and blessed fasting!


ICWC Management


( compiled from islamicity )

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