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Welcome to ICWC - As-salamu alaykum

The mission of the Center is to uphold the doctrine and principles of Islam; to provide its members an environment conducive for Islamic education, and religious services; to introduce Islam, to the community-at-large; to enter into dialogue with other faiths to promote understanding about Islam. The Center will abide by the Quran and the Sunnah (ways and following of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH). Any activity contrary to or in conflict with the “Quran” and “Sunnah” shall not be permitted within, or under the auspices of this organization. The principle of "Consultation" shall be the governing principle in arriving at decisions.

Payment by checks

If you want to donate by checks, Please make checks payable to ICWC and give it to us in person or drop in the donation box or you can mail it to us.

New Building for ICWC (Under contract)

Alhamdolillah, We have a good news to share with the community regarding the new property for ICWC to support the current and future growth. Alhamdolillah, ICWC has finalized the deal and secured a purchase contract on the property located at 320 Mallory Station Road, Franklin, TN.

“The mosques of Allah are only to be maintained by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and establish prayer and give zakah and do not fear except Allah, for it is expected that those will be of the [rightly] guided”. from Surah Taubah, Ayah 18

Directions: From I-65: Take exit 68B for Cool Springs Blvd W 0.3 miles, then merge onto Cool Springs Blvd 0.3 miles, then turn right onto Mallory Ln 0.3 miles, and then turn left onto Mallory Station Rd 0.4 miles, the destination will be on the right.

Our Journey & Background

ICWC was incorporated as a non-profit 501©(3) organization based in Brentwood, TN. For the last 4 years, ICWC has been serving the Muslim Community of Brentwood and surrounding areas with the sole of providing providing religious services based on the teachings of Qur'an and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). We have been operating from a leased space in a strip mall. Some of the services provided are:

Daily Salah, Darul Eman Sunday Classes, Weekly Friday halaqas, Tajweed class for sisters, Friday and Taraweeh prayers, Periodic community social gatherings. Interfaith Dialogue.

There has been a substantial growth in the size of our community, worshippers attending daily prayers and children enrolled in the Sunday classes. A recent survey to the community proved the need for a larger permanent central facility in the neighborhood that would meet the needs of our Muslim community in Williamson County and nearby areas.

Alhamdulillah, on January 27, 2015, the board on behalf of ICWC signed a binding contract to purchase the property situated at 320 Mallory Station Road, Franklin TN 37067. The property is centrally located, with ease of access to I-65 and centralized to the community and surrounding areas. The purchase price is $1.525 million and the sale has to be CLOSED BY APRIL 10th.

Service Provision

Masjid will offer public worship facilities for the obligatory daily prayers as well as Friday and Taraweeh prayers. The masjid will also strive to play an important role in the development of spirituality and high moral standards in the community, which will Insha-Allah be achieved through a wide range of activities including educational classes, lectures, study circles, seminars and youth events, following the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah of our beloved prophet PBUH. We will also be dedicated to providing da’wah and information to the wider community about Islamic faith. Our doors will be open to all members of the community.

Building a Masjid & Sunday Classes in the heart of the community

Insha-Allah we hope ICWC will be a unique religious and educational center in Brentwood/Williamson County with the primary goals:

  1. Serving the community, thus increasing its understanding of Islam and provide a means through which believers can come closer to Allah SWT.
  2. Catering to the growing needs of the youth, who will be torch bearers of Islam in the years to come, to help them navigate through the challenges of the society and be good Muslims.
  3. Increasing awareness of Islam within the wider society, using the center through which non-Muslims can become better acquainted with the true teaching of Islam.

ICWC intends to put the Masjid firmly back to where it belongs, at the heart of the community. It is a vital project which aims to build bridges and advance the cause of Islam and humanity in general. It will include a prayer hall, community hall and classes.

Islamic Center of Williamson County Project Highlights

  1. Location: 320 Mallory Station Road, Franklin, TN 37067.
  2. Lot Size: 1.27 Acres, Covered area ~8500 Sq.ft.
  3. The building will comprise of: A prayer Hall, A community Hall, Separate prayer area for sisters, library & office, Wudoo areas for brothers & sisters, Small Kitchen area, 65 potential parking spaces.

How can you help?

Building a Masjid is a Sadaqah Jariah (a continuous charity). It is mentioned in a Shahih Hadith, that our beloved Prophet (SAW) said that,

“Whoever builds a masjid for Allah, Allah will build for them a Palace in Paradise” from Bukhari & Muslim.

If you believe as we do, that the heart of the community lies in the masjid, then please be generous in supporting us with your donations and duaa. We have 1/3 of the funds needed for the project, raised from membership fees, Ramadan fund raisings and Crowdrise. We will have some cost for change of use (TBD). InshaAllah our efforts are now focused on buying the building without the need for loans.

Building cost breakdown

Total Cost: $1.525 million

Cash on hand: $560,000

Remaining funds required: $965,000

Ways to Donate

Online Donations using Credit Cards or PayPal: ICWC website: Paypal Donation

Crowdrise website: Crowdrise

Checks: Please make checks payable to ICWC, Please make checks payable to ICWC

Mailing address:

1724 Carothers Parkway, Suite 400
Brentwood, TN 37027, USA

SPONSOR prayer space (Musallah)

Sponsor one musallah cost in tribute or memory of your loved one: $2,000 (8sft x$250)

For More Information about ICWC
Visit us at: www.icwctn.org
Call us: (615) 261-9909
Email us: icwctn@gmail.com

"Those who spend (in the cause of Allah) privately or publicly, by night and day, have their reward with their Lord. And (on the Day of Resurrection) they shall neither fear nor grieve." from-Al-Baqarah (2:274)

Our online fund raising site is up & running

Brothers and sisters see the link below and log in. Please donate to Islamic Center of Williamson County, Brentwood TN. You should not shy away from donating even if it is $5. Every penny counts in the path of Allah and for this project. we are trying to raise money for our upcoming project. As you all know we are actively looking at this moment and there are few places which we have identified.

You have an option to hide your name when you donate from displaying. Please do so if you want.

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