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320 Mallory Station,
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Lot Size: 1.27 Acres
Covered area ~8500 Sq.ft.
Total Cost: $1.525 million
65 potential parking spaces
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Welcome to ICWC - As-salamu alaykum

The mission of the Center is to uphold the doctrine and principles of Islam; to provide its members an environment conducive for Islamic education, and religious services; to introduce Islam, to the community-at-large; to enter into dialogue with other faiths to promote understanding about Islam. The Center will abide by the Quran and the Sunnah (ways and following of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH). Any activity contrary to or in conflict with the “Quran” and “Sunnah” shall not be permitted within, or under the auspices of this organization. The principle of "Consultation" shall be the governing principle in arriving at decisions.

ICWC Statement on San Bernardino violence

The Islamic Center of Williamson County (ICWC) strongly condemns the violence that was perpetrated on Dec 2, 2015 in San Bernardino, California, in which the actions of few individuals resulted in the loss of precious lives. We convey our deepest sympathy, regrets, and condolences to their families and loved ones. We stand by members of all faiths and strongly condemn any act of violence. We stand by the families of the fallen and injured individuals. We stand in solidarity and join in mourning the loss of innocent lives.


Alhmadolillah, the blessed month of Ramadan is on our doorstep. May Allah give us the ability to fast the whole month of Ramadan, inshaAllah. May Allah Accept our ibadaat, dua, charity and zakat and all the good deeds in this blessed month of Ramadan. A'ameen. InshaAllah, from tonight(WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17th, 2015), we will start the first TARAWEEH prayers after Isha. Isha prayers will start at 9:40pm. We will pray 20 rakat as we usually do and finish the whole Holy Quran over the period of 29 days. The first Ramadan (fasting) will be THURSDAY, JUNE 18th, 2015. May Allah accept all your iftars, A'ameen. INSHAA ALLAH SEE YOU ALL TONIGHT FOR THE START OF RAMADAN!!!

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Adhan Times

Sat Jan 19, 2019
Adhan Jamaat
Maghrib 4:05 PM
Friday Khutba : 12:20 PM
Friday Iqama : 12:45 PM

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